Transformative Learning Programme


Fundamental change can take place only with a re-definition of assessment and therefore the learning processes, wherein the focus should be on developing children’s abilities.


A capability based learning approach in a  ‘cluster’  level of government schools (an academic unit of the Dept. of Education comprising of 15-20 schools and a fundamental unit) across 119 clusters in 7 states. This is either done directly or in collaboration with partners and comprises aspects like:

  • Continuous and Comprehensive Development of Abilities – wherein children’s profile of abilities is drawn from portfolios created and maintained jointly by the teacher and children & observation books.
  • Collaborative learning – drawing from global practices of mixed age-group learning
  • Integration of subjects – strengthening the natural process of learning in children
  • Teacher Collectives – enabling empowerment of teachers who respond better to contextual realities and who in the process build their capabilities of addressing and strengthening their learning needs