IEC adopts a systemic approach to addressing key issues impacting education.

Some of the questions that we have asked ourselves being

  • What are the various components that comprise the education system
  • What is the systemic nature of ‘problem perpetuation’
  • What is the key component that perpetuates this problem

IEC identifies stakeholder ownership as being the key to addressing quality in education and redefining assessment as the game changer in nurturing a ‘learning India’

  • Evolve strategies to address the key component towards ‘solution perpetuation’

IEC develops and sustains local efforts of communities and teachers to lead  their schools to qualitative change while building institutional capabilities of Gram, Block and District Panchayats to steer the process of decentralised education. It redefines and strengthens mainstream systems and processes to ensure accountability, sustainability and growth. Being systemic the approach of IEC has an inherent design to take the impact to scale.