Decentralization of Education Governance


When local communities (the parents, the school management committees (SMC), the teachers, the Gram Panchayat structures, the standing committees and the elected representatives) begin to engage, plan and execute school development and improvement plans, the system begins to respond positively in addressing several issues.


When communities are well- informed to the changing needs of the society they will also significantly contribute to educational institutions in their environments. More


Through the programme IEC tries to develop a cadre of Fellows who would work through particular organizations in individual blocks across districts through field level strategies such as:

  • Engaging with the communities by sharing local education governance data that shows the actual status of the schools in community meetings called Shikshan Gram Sabhas, and ensure realistic school development plans
  • Strengthening interaction between SMCs and Gram Panchayat standing committees on education to improve schools in their jurisdiction
  • Activating Block and District Panchayat Standing Committees to identify issues, engage with the Department of Education and ensure resources for school development and achievement of outcomes.