IEC works on three areas of impact that, together, envisages to strategically alter the system and enable its eventual transformation.

  • Decentralization of Education Governance: Supporting local communities to assume ownership of schools and ensuring accountability by strengthening structures for stakeholder representation through PRI (Panchayati Raj Institutions) and SMC (School Management Committees) More
  • Transformative Learning: Facilitating a child centric, capability based classroom learning approach based on the core values of NCF. (National Curriculum Framework). More
  • Teacher Empowerment: Empower and support teachers to build their capabilities to ensure that quality learning happens when approach. More

Processes are initiated in identified locations to function as sites that demonstrate a structural change model. These processes, engaging with mainstream structures are envisaged to have a systemic effect in that geography.

Build Capabilities of Institutions by collaborating with individuals and institutions by working together to strengthen and take the demonstrable exemplars to scale.

The need of the hour is to steer and strengthen the national discourse around larger questions of a collective vision of education, learning that strengthens human capabilities and a teacher education model that creates/nurtures ‘practicing  teachers’.