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About IEC

A national level organisation that emerged from the need to connect with and unify the voice of development organisations that seek to revisit current assumptions of education and steer the structural change process in education.


Programme Areas

IEC seeks to address the identified problem areas at scale that makes change relevant and practicable. Given that the situation warrants a systemic response, IEC works on three key areas of impact that, together, aims at strategically altering the system and enabling its eventual transformation.

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Transformative Learning Programme

WE LEARNT : Fundamental change can take place only with a re-definition of assessment and therefore the learning processes, wherein the focus should be on developing children’s abilities. WHAT WE …

Teacher Empowerment

WE LEARNT : Learning can only be transformative when the role of the teachers gets redefined wherein as facilitators they support the students to learn by designing ‘equal opportunity’, creative, …

Our Impact

Children transitioning from a rote learning approach to building their capabilities
Teachers engaged in redefining classroom processes
Schools across 7 states are in the process of adopting 'transformative' learning practices
+ NGOs in partnership in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan to initiate reform processes across 24 districts
Cluster level functionaries across 24 districts transitioning towards building learning systems to practice an ability-based approach
School committees being facilitated to improve school quality
DIETs 60 teacher educators and 450 trainee teachers re-writing traditional teacher development practices
Where we are now


Transformative Learning
Decentralization of Education Governance
Teacher Empowerment

What is Changing

Support IEC’s innovative projects by partnering with us. Your collaboration will strengthen our collective endeavour to re-imagine education in India.